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Cedar Creek Health Campus
18275 S. Burr Street
Lowell, IN 46356
Phone: (219) 696-6750
Fax: (219) 696-6810

About us

Inspired Living
Trilogy Health Services understands that when a person leaves their home to reside in a community that serves the aging, they do not have to abandon their passions or leisure interests. This new lifestyle doesn't separate them from family and friends. On the contrary, it presents additional opportunities for residents to have good times with them at Sunday Brunch, Family Night, private catered parties, etc. New friendships are formed between residents, and the staff becomes family as well, making the new lifestyle relationship-rich!

We at Trilogy believe that aging individuals still long for well-being and that it is defined uniquely by each individual. The avid reader needs to read, the enthusiastic walker needs to be physically active, and the giver needs to give. Each resident's sense of well-being is based on his or her passions, purpose and abilities despite perceived limitations. In the following standards, it is clear that Trilogy is committed to promoting a sense of belonging for the resident in the campus while he or she remains connected to past roles, former community and leisure pursuits. We are committed to offering opportunities for growth, as the residents are encouraged to explore unfamiliar leisure options that grant learning, creativity or volunteer service. We are committed to giving the person a choice to determine the routine and leisure pursuits that best suites his or her preferences. Lastly, we are committed to having a good time!
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