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#1StudentNWI: Black History Month and Variety Shows at La Porte


What’s Going On - LPHS’ Got Talent

La Porte High School’s annual variety show was on Friday, February 2nd. This year, they took on a new title, transitioning from the Variety Show to LPHS’ Got Talent because of the construction of the Performing Arts Center.

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#1StudentNWI: The Wolves Shine Bright on Senior Night


What’s Happened?

“Shine bright on senior night” was the slogan given to the seniors of the girls’ basketball team in the locker room before their last home game of their high school career. They seemed to take this to heart as they came out with a lot of energy at the tip-off that lasted the entire 32 minutes and resulted in a 52-45 win over the Valparaiso Vikings, a Duneland Athletic Conference (DAC) rival.

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#1StudentNWI: Second Semester Kicks Off for Lowell


Staff Spotlight:

Mr. Lewis is new to the Tri-Creek school corporation, and has been put in charge of teaching many business classes. Something many students don’t know about him is his high success in athletics, specifically soccer. He’s a great example of the effects that competing in sports can have on your career and the rest of your life.

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#1StudentNWI: Niners Bring in the New Year


WHAT’S COMING UP? — Decathlon State

The U.S. Academic Decathlon is a fantastic high school extracurricular. After starting practice in late May, Andrean’s team prepares all year for the final competition in mid-February.

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A Northwest Indiana Life in the Spotlight: Bernie Price


Bernie Price is someone who strongly believes in helping others. Price is a Schererville native and Certified Nurse Midwife who found her passion for helping women at a young age.

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#1StudentNWI: Boone Grove's Dance Success and Mr. BGHS


Current Events

This past week the Boone Grove Dance Team had PCC at Washington Township. PCC was held over the course of 2 days (4 teams performed each day), making a total of 8 teams. Each school had their own theme and their routine, costumes, and music all had to be related to it. Boone’s theme was western rodeo.

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10 Fun Things to Do in NWI for February 16th - 18th, 2018


The winter isn't stopping Regioners! With all the fun things coming up this weekend, its clear that a little snow won't bother us. Check out what's going on!

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#1StudentNWI: La Lumiere Focuses on Academic Sports and Fundraising


The Sport of Smarts

At La Lumiere school, sports are encouraged for all students. However, for those not athletically inclined, there are other opportunities. During the winter season, there are two academically motivated after school activities: Science Olympiad and Academic Decathlon. These teams meet when the school day is over, and spend their time...studying. It might seem crazy, but students enjoy taking part in these activities, even with the extra work and thought required. On January 20, the Decathlon team competed at their regionals.

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#1StudentNWI: LaCrosse Celebrates Homecoming with New Traditions


A Rally To Really Rock To

The sound of feet squeaking on the gym floor is silenced by the tension in the air. 27th Best, a band made up of two juniors and seniors, stands poised behind the curtain. The Homecoming pep rally has already begun, but the band has yet to make their debut, both as the first act and their first show. Finally, the counselor and showrunner, Mrs. Walden, asks the students to come onto the gym floor in front of the stage. This is it.

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#1StudentNWI: Senators' Yearbook Staff Calls the Shots


Halfway There

The Senators are halfway through the school year, and the Washington Township Yearbook Staff is keeping up with recording the year’s events.

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#1StudentNWI: The Second Half Begins! Countdown to Graduation Starts Now


What just happened?

The new year has started and students returning and new are already over 3 weeks in for the second semester, and as always, there was no loss of momentum over the time students had off.

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