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#1StudentNWI: La Lumiere Embraces the Snow

A Not So Silent Night

On December 11, La Lumiere did NOT have a silent night. Instead, they held their annual Christmas Concert! Featuring a variety of musical arrangements by the chamber ensemble, concert choir, music club, and Spanish students, the night was rocking! Many students participated in the event and shared their talents with the rest of the school during the course of the production. It featured age-old songs like Ave Maria, and some newer remixes, such as a Secret Agent version of the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy. Faculty children even got to help decorate a Christmas tree to get everyone in the holiday spirit! To conclude the performance, the Spanish students gathered to sing a traditional Spanish Christmas song, “Nino Lindo.”


This is just one of the many opportunities available to La Lumiere students to showcase their talents. Every month there is a Fine Arts Friday, where students are invited to showcase an artistic talent they have. This includes singing, dancing, comedy, and artwork like drawings and sculptures. The next one will be on January 26. The Christmas concert was a wonderful exhibition of all of the hard work and dedication these students put into their musical pursuits. It also was a great way to spread Christmas cheer and helped get everyone energized for the holidays!

Snow, Snow, Snow, Snow!


La Lumiere’s campus has been graced by a very common winter visitor - snow! They currently have about two feet of it on the grounds, and many students are hoping it continues in this way. Snow is very common here, but something less common is snow days. Anxiously anticipated by every student, these are an excuse to lay around all day and watch Netflix. For some, however, snow days are boring. Living in the dorms on campus, there is often a sort of lull about snow days. They seem to lose their magic when you are already living with a teacher as your “dorm parent.”


Nevertheless, snow arrived on campus, and made its appearance before school had even resumed session. Often referred to as “the Little school in the woods,” it now takes on an even more majestic feel. With the trees bent down by the snow and icicles dripping to the ground, it feels like a separate kingdom where Elsa would live. The open spaces of the campus are filled with the fluffy white goodness, and it is very tempting to throw snowballs or make snow angels, although one can only toss snow in the athletic complex. The weather here transforms this school into an exciting winter wonderland.

Athlete and Historian: Mrs. Detty Bielizna


Mrs. Detty Bielizna, or Coach D, is working at La Lumiere for her first year this year. She has jumped head first into the school, taking the position of World History 2 and AP World History teacher. From the minute she stepped on campus, she loved it, commenting on the friendliness of the students and faculty.

“Students greeted me throughout the day and made me feel at home,” she stated, reflecting on this first day. “My sample class was a fantastic blend of students who were both engaged and engaging.”

This is the type of place Mrs. Bielizna had always wanted to be, with students that were driven to learn and faculty that were invested in making the school the best it can be. She loves history and spent her summer doing a National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Institute at the University of Illinois Chicago, allowing her to learn more about history during her break.

While heavily involved in the academic side of the school, Mrs. Bielizna has also taken a spot as the assistant crew coach. Crew is the school’s rowing team, and she had been using an ergometer, or rowing machine at her house for years. She loves getting to work with the team, though her true passion is softball. During her time at College of the Holy Cross in Massachusetts, she played four years of Division 1 softball. Her husband also loves the sport, so they often visit historical baseball or softball sites or museums for vacations. She is already quite dedicated to the school, and has been able to show her passion both in her presence at crew practice and her fiery passion in the classroom.

Thespian and Hogwarts Enthusiast: Nidhee Patel


Frequently surrounded by friends and fun, Nidhee Patel is a sophomore at La Lumiere. She always lightens whatever group she is in, be it running club or a chemistry study group. This is her second year at the school, and she is loving it.

“I love all of the amazing opportunities this school offers to us, [such as] being able to have such a close connection with teachers,” she said.

She is an active member of the drama club and is participating in her second school play this year. After her hilarious representation of Flute/Thisbe in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer’s Night Dream last year, she is returning to the stage in a much different role than her previous star-crossed lover. This year, she gets to portray an extremely intimidating police officer, which is a stark contrast to her happy bubbly self. She is excited about the role, though, and getting to experience a new personality that acting can create.

In addition to drama, Patel has been dancing for most of her life. She even helped choreograph a small dance number within the play last year. Similar to drama, she loves getting to find new ways to express herself. When not acting or dancing, Nidhee can most likely be found chatting with friends or rereading the Harry Potter series. She really enjoys the series and even dressed up as Hermione Granger for Halloween last year! Patel is looking forward to the upcoming drama performance as well as the rest of the semester with great anticipation. Hopefully, though, our end of the year is not as eventful as the typical close of the school year at Hogwarts!

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