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Life in the Spotlight

A Northwest Indiana Life in the Spotlight: Subbayamma Nagubadi

Just about everybody gives back to their community in some way, be it through picking up litter on the street, donating to charity, or volunteering at local organizations. For others, giving back is in their blood, they might found a nonprofit or two, join local community organizations, and more. Subbayamma Nagubadi is one of those kinds of givers. 

Nagubadi and her ex-husband were born in India, but then moved to England where her children were born. The family then moved to the US, eventually coming to Valparaiso in 1983, where they remain now. Her family places a strong value on education, as she has degrees in finance and economics. While she worked on and off as a financial advisor, her passion is the nonprofit, Each Life is Precious, which she started with her daughter’s help in 2007 after her son, Vinod, passed away.

“It’s about giving a voice to those who don’t have one to speak for themselves,” said Nagubadi. “We focus on children and animals by raising funds which we donate to various causes that benefit children and animals.”

Each Life is Precious organizes various events, like runs and walks. They have also organized booths and Family Fun Days, raising thousands in donations for organizations like the Porter County Animal Shelter, the VNA Phoenix Center, and the Family & Youth Services Bureau. Many aspects of Each Life is Precious are shaped around her son Vinod’s life and passions, such as his deep love for animals.

“My son was always so fond of animals,” said Nagubadi. “I’d never had a dog in my life, until he brought animals into our lives.”

Nagubadi is a big believer in individuals being able to bring about positive change in their community. That belief keeps her passionate about her work.

“Knowing the change that we can make keeps me going,” she said. “The change when we get involved, the empowerment, and knowing what we can do for children. You know, a little can go a long way.”

Giving back to the community is the most important thing for Nagubadi and her family. Not only have they started Each Life is Precious, but her daughter, Hashi, and son-in-law manage an NBA affiliated nonprofit that provides athletic and education experiences to kids.

Her eldest daughter, Nitha, is passionate about empowering American Third Culture kids. These are children whose parents grew up elsewhere, but moved to another country later on to raise their families. She is also very involved at the Hindu temple, where she spearheads conversations about understanding 28 to 35 year-old age group.

“Giving back is absolutely the number one thing,” said Nagubadi. “We have enough to eat, so if we can give some of it back and make a difference in other people’s lives that’s great. We’re only as good as society.”

Nagubadi's daughter, Nitha, came up with the idea for the nonprofit and initially wanted to start it in Chicago as a way to reach more people right out of the gate. Nagubadi proposed keeping it local instead, as a way to give back to the community to which Nitha agreed.

“I said that we lived in Indiana, we lived in Valparaiso,” recalled Nagubadi. “My son went to school here, and we loved it here, so this is the place where we would give back. We’ve had such a good time here, it’s quiet and it has everything. I really love living here.”

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