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Princesses Receive Royal Treatment at Dyer’s 2018 Royal Princess Ball

Not every parks and recreation department can boast that it doubles as a royal court, but Dyer’s can do just that. On Sunday, Plum Creek Center transformed into a spectacular palace of princesses, thanks to Munster Med-Inn's support!

Sponsored by Munster Med-Inn, Dyer Parks and Recreation’s 2018 Royal Princess Ball enchanted young ladies ranging from 3 to 9 years old. Cardboard castles, ribbon streamers, and tables filled with royalty-themed decorations dotted the room. The girls were all dressed as their favorite princesses, many of them emulating the heroines from Disney films. A few girls made splashes with unexpected costumes, such as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle ensemble and a cinema-themed dress that imitated popcorn and movie reels. No matter the outfit, everyone looked divine.

For being only the second year of its existence, the Royal Princess Ball proved to be a smash hit. A total of 55 girls were in attendance, a handful of them being return attendees from the previous year.

“Why not give young girls a reason to dress up and get pampered for the day?” said Andrea Daliege, Dyer’s Recreation Manager. “We just had our Daddy-Daughter dance, and lots of the girls wear their favorite princess dresses to that. Seeing them have such a good time all dressed up made us want to come up with another event for them to feel like princesses.”

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Daliege had a point; the girls in attendance were thrilled to not only sport their attire, but to also receive the royal treatment. Nail-painting, stick-on earrings and glitter tattoo stations stood at the ready, and each girl received a regal tiara. Storytelling held audiences captive in one corner, while Kiss the Frog (think Pin the Tail on the Donkey, but with frogs and stickers shaped like lips) caused spontaneous giggle eruptions.

Daliege and her team organized the event with the help of volunteers from Lake Central High School. The high schoolers dressed the part, as well, and assisted in corralling the children to and from their various activities.

Rachel Mitke, one of Lake Central High School’s National Honor students, enjoyed the event very much and said she would love to participate again.

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“The pretzel wand station got a little crazy for a second,” Mitke laughed, referring to the table where girls made edible wands out of pretzel rods and frosting. “But it’s really great to see all the girls having so much fun. It’s adorable!”

Daliege herself flitted about the room with her camera, snapping candid shots sure to be framed by happy parents. When asked what she enjoyed most about the event, Daliege held up her camera.

“I enjoy photography,” Daliege said. “I’m not a professional or anything, but I love taking pictures, and at all of my events, I take as many pictures as I can so that parents can see their kids having fun in a different setting.”

Daliege explained that this day was also a benefit to the parents, who had a free afternoon knowing their children were having a wonderful time and were in good hands.

“But that’s why this is a nice day for the girls’ parents, too,” continued Daliege. “They have a chance to get some grocery shopping done or just do something for themselves, while their kids get to branch out with others. But I make sure to get pictures of it all so that they feel involved, and know that their kids are having a great time.”

Judging by the laughter and chatter, Daliege was sure to have some excellent moments to share from the day.


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