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R.O.S.E. Award Winner LaVerne Taylor Takes Pride In Showing Her Guests a Great Time at Horseshoe Casino Hammond

LaVerne Taylor loves her job. A Chicago-native, Taylor is a slot attendant at Horseshoe Casino Hammond and having the opportunity to meet and get to know the casino’s guests is the perfect position for someone with her personality. In fact, Taylor excels at her job enough that in 2016 she was nominated and honored as a South Shore Convention & Visitors Authority R.O.S.E. Award winner.

Taylor has been with Horseshoe Casino for 16 years now, having started with the company in 2001, and in that time she’s built relationships with Horseshoe’s loyal customers.

“A slot attendant is the first person you meet when you get to the casino,” Taylor said. “If you have a problem with the machine, if you need change, or if you hit a jackpot, we’re the go-to guy. We actually spend time walking around and introducing ourselves to our guests, and I guess I’m a people person so that’s why I really like working at Horseshoe.”

After travelling to the Horseshoe with her mother in 2001, Taylor decided that working at the casino was something that interested her, so she decided to apply for a position.

“She loves the casino, so one day I came out with her,” Taylor said of first visiting the casino with her mother as a guest. “I was looking around, and I thought, ‘Well this is something that I could do.’ So, I applied. It was a lot like being a bartender where you meet and get to know people.”

“What keeps me coming back is how much I love meeting people and talking with them,” she added. “I was off for six months at one time, and I really did miss the job! We have some elderly guests who ask for me when they come, and as soon as I find out they’re here I like to keep an eye on them until someone comes to pick them up. I just love this job!”

The team at Horseshoe Casino Hammond, from her co-workers, supervisors and managers, is another bright spot for Taylor at the company.

“I consider some of my co-workers as family members.” she said. “I had back surgery, and when I was down and out some of the girls made sure I was okay. They actually cooked for me. Even the managers called me to see if I was doing okay; the supervisors took me out to lunch. They kept in contact with me, and that’s how we are - if one of us has something going on we try to keep in contact with them to try and take their mind off of whatever might be happening.”

This atmosphere, along with Taylor’s love for her job and her desire to help people enjoy their visit to Horseshoe has allowed her to excel at her position to the point where in 2016 she was nominated for Recognition of Service Excellence (R.O.S.E.) Awards.

The Recognition of Service Excellence (R.O.S.E.) Awards were created to acknowledge and celebrate the non-managerial or hourly employees who exceed usual expectations when providing hospitality services to guests and customers. Those front-line employees who have made a lasting impression on guests are nominated for this award by either their managers or the guests themselves.

When speaking about being surprised on the casino floor with the award nomination, Taylor commented, “It was really surprising, because I saw a lot of my co-workers gathering up for what looked like a meeting. As I was coming out of dispatch, my manager stepped to me and said, ‘Come here and let me talk to you for a minute.’ Then they all came up to me with a rose and said congratulations, and I thought, ‘It’s me!’”

“I really enjoyed it, and I think I talked about it for a whole month after,” Taylor said of the spa day and the awards ceremony that comes with a nomination. “It was very nice. I like the job I’m doing, but it’s also nice to be appreciated. I also took my son with me, and he escorted me to dinner. I wanted to motivate him and let him know that this is what happens when you love your job.”

South Shore Convention & Visitors Authority R.O.S.E. and R.I.S.E. Award nominations for frontline and managerial employees who routinely go above and beyond are accepted year-round. To find out more and to nominate someone that you think deserves recognition for their hard work and dedication towards providing great service here in the region, visit: www.rose-awards.com.

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